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TRUCK WASH, s.r.o. was founded in Senec, Slovakia in 2009. Core business of the company is cleaning of outside of trucks (and other big vehicles) and disinfection of insides of trailers. Based on our quality service and approach to our customers was TRUCK WASH, s.r.o. able in 2013 to open additional two facilities in Budča and in Nové Zámky. This act positioned the company as important supplier of cleaning and disinfecting services in freight transportation.

In 2004 we successfully completed the SQAS and HACCP certifications. These are the guarantee of quality and reliable work mainly in the field of food industry truck disinfection.
Our company takes pride in training of our employees and in necessary certifications; and it is planning in 2015 to extend the operation to Bratislava in Slovakia and to Czech Republic.


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Disinfection of Trucks

For disinfection of interiors of trailers and trucks TRUCK WASH, s.r.o. utilizes standard cleaning procedures. After the disinfection is complete the driver receives a certificate of disinfection specifying the cleaning procedure used. These documents are issued based on our internal certification of HACCP (quality control system in food industry) and on SQAS.

Cleanliness certificate is valid for one month. Disinfection in food industry is required by law at least once a month.


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